150 Central Texans Attend Regional Mobility Summit

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First Published Friday May 17, 2013

AUSTIN, TX – Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization hosted a Regional Mobility Summit that more than 150 people attended.

This event brought elected officials, transportation professionals, community leaders and members of the public together to talk about the future of transportation in the region. The event also served as the start of the 2040 planning process.

“I am very happy so many people came out today to learn and talk about transportation” said Will Conley, CAMPO’s Transportation Policy Board Chair. “The success of our region depends on creating and maintaining a transportation system that can support new and existing business as well as provide mobility for the region’s residents.”

Those in attendance were given the opportunity to share what they saw as the biggest challenges facing the region. Top among those were the lack of consistent and sustainable funding and congestion in key stretches. In addition, they provided suggestions for solutions that could potentially be used to address these challenges challenges.

The thoughts and results from the summit will help frame the discussion about how to best develop the region’s future transportation. This is the first of several rounds of public meetings that will begin later this year. By federal law, the CAMPO 2040 Plan must be adopted by May 2015.

“This is the first step of CAMPO’s outreach into the community during the 2040 planning process” said Maureen McCoy, CAMPO’s Director. “We want to get as many people involved and talking with us about the region’s transportation future as possible.”

CAMPO is required to create a transportation plan that creates a vision for the next 25 years for the six-county CAMPO region. The planning process requires CAMPO to coordinate with the multitude of cities, counties and transportation providers in the region.

“Today was a huge success for CAMPO and for the region” said Conley. “We need to continue this momentum forward to address some of the region’s most pressing transportation needs.”

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