2040 Vision and Goals Survey Results

First Published 10/7/13

The first step in the 2040 planning process is to create a vision and a set of goals for the plan to adhere to. As a part of this process, CAMPO opened a survey to the public for more than two months to gauge how the public thought we did with the vision and goals from the previous plan.

After more than 1,900 responses we have put together some of the data. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared our survey. This survey gave us valuable feedback on the goals and the vision as well as the state of the transportation system in Central Texas. This information will be used by our Transportation Policy Board when they are deciding the direction for this plan.

When asked about the vision, the majority of people (60 percent), felt the vision from the 2035 Plan was very appropriate.

The survey also asked about each of the individual goals in the previous plan. Below is a graph of the responses to how appropriate people felt each of our goals is with 1 being not at all appropriate and 5 being very appropriate. The responses indicate that most of the goals were appropriate.

The complete results from the survey are available on the 2040 Plan page.

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