TPB Holds First Work Session on 2040 Plan

Austin, TX  – The Transportation Policy Board for the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization held its first work session of the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan development process.

This first session was working toward creating a vision statement and a set of goals for the 2040 Plan. The vision and the goals help to frame out the objectives of the plan.
CAMPO is charged with creating a long-range transportation plan every five years. This plan looks 25 years into the future and includes all transportation projects in the region. The development of this plan takes more than two years and is currently in the beginning of the process.

The TPB’s first work session was framed by a discussion of some current conditions in the region along with feedback from the public. CAMPO released a survey in July that ran through the beginning of September that asked the public about the vision and goals from the previous long range plan.

In addition, the survey also asked them to identify key problems with transportation in Central Texas and some possible ways to address these issues. The survey received nearly two thousand responses. There was also an opportunity for the public to provide comments and ideas not related to the vision and goals.

Each member of the TPB received results from the entire survey and all of the comments that the public provided to CAMPO while the survey was open. A second work session with the board was scheduled for October 14, where the board again took up the issue of vision and goals.

The board is slated to act on the vision and goals at their November meeting.

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