Transportation Development Credits Available in the CAMPO Region


Transportation Development Credits (TDCs) can be used to fulfill some or all of the federal matching fund requirements normally associated with the use of federal highway and transit reimbursements for eligible capital, operating and planning activities (23 U.S.C. §120). By fulfilling the requirement for a non-federal share of a federally funded transportation project, the use of TDCs allows 100% federal reimbursement of eligible project costs.

Credits are earned when the state, a toll authority, or a private entity expends funds on capital improvements to public highways using revenues from toll receipts and related transactions, including borrowed funds supported by these revenues. Eligible expenditures exclude debt service, returns to investors or the routine operation and maintenance of toll facilities.

Please fill out the application and send it to:

CAMPO, c/o Maureen McCoy, Director
PO Box 1088
Austin, TX 78767

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