CAMPO Releases New Growth Monitoring Report

The CAMPO Growth Monitoring Report is an effort by CAMPO to keep track of the growth in the region. This report is the third time CAMPO has produced a report about the growth in our region.

To create the report CAMPO staff collects building permit data is collected from jurisdictions, put into GIS, and then analyzed to identify near-term trends. By having data of this detail, planners, decision-makers and the public have access to a resource that can pinpoint the size and timeframe of growth in the region.

This report can have the benefit of highlighting growth areas that have been previously overlooked while at the same time shedding light on low growth areas that have potential for future development.

For CAMPO this report can be used to examine the relationship between areas of growth and the transportation infrastructure that will serve these growing populations. In addition, the report can be used in the planning process to better assess near-term growth and in turn assist in addressing these increased mobility needs.

Lastly, CAMPO relies on the data from this report to help in assigning population in the future as a part of CAMPO’s long-range planning efforts.

To read the full report or the executive summary click here.

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