End of the Year Reports now Available

Two of CAMPO’s end of the year reports, The Annual Performance and Expenditure Report and the Annual Project Listing, are now available.

The Annual Performance and Expenditure Report summarizes the planning tasks that were undertaken during the federal fiscal year. This document, when reviewed in conjunction with the Unified Planning Work Program, provides a snapshot of the planning objectives and related accomplishments for the relevant fiscal year. CAMPO expended about 80% of the funds it had programmed in federal transportation planning funds the 2013 fiscal year. A portion of these funds were not expended until July 2013 due to the 2040 Plan contract execution May 2013. Need to briefly explain why we only used 80%

The Annual Project Listing Report identifies those projects that received federal obligation in the state fiscal year. In addition to listing the projects individually, as is required, CAMPO has chosen to provide maps showing where the projects were geographically located. This will quickly allow the reader to visually determine if there were projects they were interested in.

2013 Annual Performance and Expenditure Review

2013 Annual Project Listing




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