Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a subcommittee of the Transportation Policy Board and serves as an advisory body. It provides the Board with recommendations, after considering input from the Technical Advisory Committee and CAMPO staff, on all decisions related to the allocation of state and federal funding to transportation related projects.

Finance Committee Members

Cynthia Long, Chair
Williamson County Commissioner
512.260.4280 | Email

Greg Malatek, Tx-DOT Austin District
512.832.7022 | Email

Gerald Daugherty, Travis County Commissioner
512.854.9333 | Email

Clara Beckett, Bastrop County Commissioner
512.581.4000 | Email

Matt Powell, City of Cedar Park Mayor
512.401.5000 | Email

Will Conley, Hays County Commissioner
512.847.3159 | Email

David Siebold, Capital Metro Board of Directors
512.528.2743 | Email