Active Transportation


The 2045 Regional Active Transportation Plan (RATP) will create a shared vision for developing a safe and highly-functional active transportation network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.  The plan will guide development of the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan. The RATP will include a facility inventory, regional data and policies, vision and priority networks, recommendations, and  an implementation plan with project and policy priorities for the next 25 years.

2045 Regional Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) Meeting Materials


CAMPO policies require that regionally-significant roadways that are newly constructed or reconstructed provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities along corridors identified as Priority Pedestrian Districts or Priority Bicycle Corridors.

CAMPO 2035 Priority Pedestrian Districts Map

CAMPO 2035 Priority Bicycle Corridors Map

The Transportation Policy Board has determined to “Allocate at least 15 percent of available CAMPO discretionary federal funding (STP-MM) to bicycle and pedestrian projects through the CAMPO TIP process, using the Priority Pedestrian Districts Map and Priority Regional Bicycle Corridors Map in the project evaluation,” (Policy 4).

Active Transportation Monitoring Program

CAMPO has initiated a bicycle and pedestrian usage program, with the Texas Transportation Institute and additional sponsorship by the City of Austin. Data was first recorded in Spring, 2010 in 15 locations throughout the region. Forthcoming data will track trends over time, allowing performance measurement similar to automotive and transit modes.

Regional Bike and Pedestrian Maps

CAMPO Regional Bike & Ped Map (High Res)
CAMPO Regional Bike & Ped Map (Low Res)


CAMPO, in conjunction with the City of Austin, now provides an online viewer with up-to-date bicycle and pedestrian counts on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway at Waller Creek. Click below to view the counters.

Waller Creek Bike Counter

Waller Creek Pedestrian Counter


2011 Active Transportation Counts in the CAMPO Region. Updated Sept. 23, 2011

Estimating Future Bicycle Use on Loop 1/Mopac Bicycle Bridge  TTI No. P2011204

Technical Reports

Active Transportation Monitoring Plan through 2015 CAMPO. (2011)

Forecasting Bicycle and Pedestrian Usage and Researching Data Collection Equipment  TTI Report No. P2009330