Congestion Management Process


The Congestion Management Process (CMP) is a federally required program where congestion in the regional transportation system is monitored, evaluated, and managed. The intent of the CMP is to protect the region’s investments and improve the effectiveness of the existing and future transportation networks.

The Roadway Congestion Analysis: Performance Report and Information System is the primary method where CAMPO monitors and evaluates congestion levels. The data is gathered through travel time runs and is performed every two years. The data is entered into an ArcGIS database and shared with regional partners for evaluation of road segments for operational projects, as well as by staff for regional system analysis. The TxDOT Bottleneck Committee, which identifies, analyzes, and implements operation improvements throughout the region, uses the Roadway Congestion Analysis as a starting point in project identification and analysis.

The region also applies congestion management strategies at the project level. All added capacity projects in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) are required to have at least two associated transportation demand management (TDM) or Transportation System Management (TSM) strategies identified. Examples of TDM and TSM strategies are: access management, grade separation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and ridesharing programs.

Planning for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is another factor in planning for efficient use of the transportation system. ITS integrates advanced communications technologies into the transportation infrastructure and in vehicles to create more efficient use of the transportation network. In 2007, the region updated the plan for ITS implementation called the Austin Regional ITS Architecture. The plan is an important tool in coordinating ITS efforts in the region.

Other ongoing congestion management efforts that CAMPO participates in are the TxDOT Bottleneck Study Committee, the Commute Solutions Program, and the Austin-area Incident Management for Highways (AIMHigh) Team.

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