Regional Freight Planning

The CAMPO region has approximately 138 million tons of freight moving into or through the region per year by air, rail and over the road. The large population growth in the region, along with the growing presence of high-technology industry, has increased the demands placed on an already limited transportation network. CAMPO’s freight planning efforts are intended to encourage more efficient movement of goods and people into and through the region, while minimizing the impacts to our environment as much as possible.

Freight Transportation Study

CAMPO, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, completed a comprehensive study of the region’s freight existing conditions and potential opportunities. The freight study, published in 2009, examined existing and forecasted freight flows on the air, rail and road networks. CAMPO assembled a Steering Committee of both private and public stakeholders to gain insights and share information with each other. The stakeholder meetings, along with an online survey, helped form the basis for the recommendations included in the study. Overall, the study provides not only the existing and forecasted freight flows but also recommendations to improve the efficiency of the freight network throughout the region.

Austin Area Freight Transportation Study

Austin Area Freight Transportation Study Executive Summary