Transportation Improvement Program


According to federal law and regulations, CAMPO, in cooperation with the state and transit operators, develops a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the area. The four-year TIP lists projects that are funded with federal dollars and are consistent with the long range plan developed for the area. The TIP may also include non-federally funded projects that are regionally significant.

In developing the TIP, CAMPO provides citizens, affected public agencies, representatives of transportation agency employees, other affected employee representatives, private providers of transportation, and other interested parties with a reasonable opportunity to comment on the proposed program. The TIP development process includes public involvement activities and opportunities for public review and comment on all aspects of the program.

2019-2022 Project Call

Project Call Resource Page


2017 – 2020 Transportation Improvement Program

2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (Updated October 2017)

2040 Regional Transportation Plan – Highway Project Listing (Updated October 2017)


Annual List of Obligated Projects

In accordance with federal regulations, at the end of each fiscal year, CAMPO publishes an annual list of obligated projects. The list includes all federally funded projects authorized in the preceding fiscal year. The report contains, among other pieces of information, the amount of federal funds requested in the Transportation Improvement Program, the federal funds obligated during the preceding year, and the federal funding remaining and available for subsequent years.

2016 Annual Project Listing

2017 Annual Project Listing


Transportation Development Credit Program

Transportation Development Credit Resource Page


Transportation Improvement Program Archive

Transportation Improvement Program Archive


Public Participation Plan

Public Participation Plan