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Funding Opportunities

FTA Section 5310: Fiscal Year 2019 Call for Projects

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Section 5310 program is intended to enhance mobility for seniors and person with disabilities by providing funds for programs to serve the special needs of transit-dependent populations beyond traditional public transportation services and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary paratransit services.

The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) serves as the designated recipient of FTA Section 5310 Funds in the Austin Urbanized Area and serves as the program administrator. Recipients of the grant funding are selected by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) through a competitive process. Selected applicants enter into a grant agreement with Capital Metro and become subrecipients for these funds.  These grant agreements outline federal, state, and local requirements related to project administration and reporting and vary depending on the type of funding, project proposed, agency, and other factors.

The Section 5310 program is a reimbursable grant program, where the selected sub-recipients incur expenses and are reimbursed through the program at a rate of 80 percent for eligible traditional capital expenses and 50 percent for eligible other expenses such as operations until the federal award is exhausted. Because of this, sub-recipients must have sufficient funds available to incur program expenses.

To apply for funding please review the program information provided below and submit an application by 5:00 p.m. Central Time on December 20, 2019.

FTA Section 5310: Fiscal Year 2019 Program Guide

FTA Section 5310: Federal Circular

FTA Section 5310: Fiscal Year 2019 Application

FTA Section 5310: Budget Spreadsheet

FTA Section 5310: Program Webinar Recording and Presentation

Transportation Development Credits (TDCs)

Transportation Development Credits (TDCs) are a federal financing tool that permits the non-Federal share of a project’s cost to be met through a “soft match” of TDCs. This allows the TDC program to create more flexibility in state and local transportation programs by providing the ability to shift funds available for local match requirements to other transportation related expenses.

CAMPO manages the TDC program for the six-county region. The program is governed by the Approval Policy and Administrative Procedures approved by the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) in August 2017. To learn more about TDCs, view this January 2018 TDC Presentation.

TDC Application Form

Local government and agency project sponsors may apply for Transportation Development Credits by submitting an application form available for download below. The forms require Adobe Acrobat (Reader, Pro, or DC) which is available 

TDC Application Form

Note: if you receive an error message when opening the application form, simply download the form from your browser’s Adobe Reader application.

Submit your application via the upload box below: