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Regional Transit Study Open House

The CAMPO Regional Transit Study will examine transit needs in the six-county region, excluding the Capital Metro service area, and provide guidance to transit providers and local governments about how to meet future transit needs. This study focuses on long-term transit ideas for rural and suburban areas of the CAMPO region, and supplements, but does not preclude, current or future planning initiatives- such as Project Connect.

In order to determine where transit connections should be prioritized to create a seamless, well-connected regional transit network, this study will consider:

  • current and projected travel patterns,
  • population and employment growth,
  • and activity and employment centers.

Your Contact

Doise Miers 512-215-9411
Capital Area Metro Planning Organization for Central Texas

Attend a public meeting

Interested in attending an in-person meeting? View the calendar for all dates and locations. The meetings use an open house format so come and go at your convenience.