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2025-2028 TIP and 2045 RTP Amendment Open House

The Transportation Improvement Program, or TIP, covers a four-year time period and lists projects that have funding and will begin implementation in the TIP time frame. The new TIP will cover 2025-2028 and is periodically amended to reflect changes to project planning and development.

The CAMPO 2045 Plan is the long-range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) to address transportation needs over the next 25 years in the six-county CAMPO region. This multimodal plan includes a variety of transportation modes including driving, walking, biking, transit, and emerging technologies.

The TIP is adopted every two years. The RTP is adopted every five years. Both documents may be amended twice a year.

Six in-person open houses will be held from 4-7 pm.

March 26 in LockhartMarch 27 in BudaMarch 28 in Austin
April 2 in Cedar CreekApril 3 in Marble FallsApril 4 in Cedar Park

CAMPO’s TPB will hold a public hearing on April 15, 2024. The CAMPO TPB anticipates taking action on the proposed amendments at the May 13, 2024 TPB meeting.

For more information contact:

Doise Miers 737-226-4840