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2045 Plan

Development of CAMPO’s 2045 Regional Transportation Plan is underway using CAMPO’s Platinum Planning Program. The Platinum Planning Program is a comprehensive, detailed multimodal transportation planning process for CAMPO’s six-county region.  Platinum Planning is a progressive, integrated, and inclusive process that examines transportation, land use, and other planning areas. Recommendations from plans completed through the Platinum Planning Program will be used in CAMPO’s 2045 Regional Transportation Plan and certain projects may be eligible for future CAMPO-allocated Federal funding. Platinum Planning Elements include:

Multimodal and Mixed-Use – Create connections to housing, jobs, and services through dynamic mixed-use environments, well-connected street grids, high-quality transit options, and safe and useful pedestrian/bicycle accommodations.

Housing – Develop an appropriate mix of housing types and price points that provide living options to accommodate a variety of incomes, abilities, and familial types.

Environment – Create a healthy environment that proactively protects and enhances air, water, land, and people.

Economic Development – Promote the economic competitiveness of the study area to yield positive impacts on the local tax base, high-quality jobs, and community services.

Equity – Create positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes for all residents and stakeholders in the study areas while minimizing adverse impacts.