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2045 Plan

Every five years, Metropolitan Planning Organizations are required by federal law to adopt a long-range transportation plan, commonly known as the Regional Transportation Plan, or RTP. Development of the CAMPO 2045 Transportation Plan is underway. This Plan is a multimodal approach to addressing congestion and transportation needs over the next 25 years. The Plan will include roads, transit, active transportation options such as walking and biking, and also examine new technologies, travel strategies, and choices that maximize the use of current transportation infrastructure.

The plans that will inform the 2045 Plan include:

Public outreach and input in the individual plans and studies began in 2017. The first round of outreach on the comprehensive 2045 Plan took place from October 21 through November 30, 2019. There will be a second round of outreach in the Spring of 2020, which will conclude with the adoption on the Plan, anticipated in May 2020.

Platinum Planning

The 2045 Plan uses the Platinum Planning Program to ensure the regional nature of the Plan is locally driven. CAMPO partners with jurisdictions on locally focused studies including: