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Regional Active Transportation Plan

The Regional Active Transportation Plan is a blueprint for a safe and easy-to-use active transportation network of trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, and streets for the six-county CAMPO Region. The final Regional Active Transportation Plan is now available.

View the Plan

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Near Northwest Corridor Connections Case Study Final

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Plan Vision

The CAMPO region’s Active Transportation network will provide safe, efficient, convenient, and comfortable walking and bicycling access to local and regional destinations for all residents and visitors.

Plan Goals Are To Increase:

  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Functionality
  • Equity
  • Everyday Use
  • Quality of Life
  • Regional Coordination and Connectivity

Public Outreach

From October 2016 through September 2017, the project team worked to share information on the planning process, collect input on needs and existing conditions, attend community events, conduct a survey, and hold public meetings. We received very valuable information from across the region that helped develop CAMPO’s first-ever Regional Active Transportation Plan.

Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC)

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee was formed to guide the process and provide a shared vision for the development of a safe and highly-functional Active Transportation network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and amenities for the six-county CAMPO region. The ATAC consists of 15 members representing 15 jurisdictions and agencies and meets periodically throughout the development of the plan. The ATAC has reviewed and helped to revise our Draft Plan.


Kelly Porter, AICP
Regional Planning Manager